Funny Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couple 2020 (Images)


An anniversary is an occasion for loving wishes. It is a time to let the person that you value most understands how much of a difference he or she has made in your lifestyle. If you know a couple who is celebrating an anniversary, then it is a period to let them know how happy you are for them, and how you wish they carry on to be happy, together. You may wish for the individual you love to know how devoted you are to him or her. For an involved couple, you may wish them the type of happiness in a relationship that you already have. You could recall how you felt the 1st time you met your spouse, or you could entertain them with a funny anniversary wish. No matter how you select to send an anniversary wish, one that suits the message you want to express can be found here.

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A wedding anniversary is surely a very special day and this day calls for a great celebration. Everybody Showers them with gifts and beautiful wishes. Well if you need to fill your partner’s moments of party with smiles and fun then funny anniversary wishes will do the work. Do not be so formal or do not be so dull by wishing your partner like everybody does wish your friend with funny and witty Messages and endure special. So, get a handmade card and pen down some the messages on it or get your phone and send them funny anniversary wishes. You can also article a funny message on what-spp and tag all your friends for Invest comments that will certainly make them laugh out loud. Make them grin laugh and have some lively times with just easy and funny anniversary wishes.


I deserve a specific gift for living with you all these years! With our advice you kicked all others and now living happily with me! Well look forward to another 12 months.

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My dear husband, life is a journey and there is no one who I’d rather have holding my hand along the path of lifestyle than you. happy anniversary wishes!

Being with a person who is so cute and intelligent is surely a good thing and blessed are those who get such an wonderful life partner. You have surely blessed sweetheart for having me as your wife. Like you honey! Happy wedding anniversary


Happy Anniversary! The occasion of our relationship makes me thankful for our devotion to every other! May the years that come strengthen the bond that we already have!

Thank you for making this a unique day in our lives. May us life a long happy healthy and peaceful lifestyle together, Happy anniversary my love!

Then there was a man who said ‘I never understand what real happiness was until I got married by Then it was too late and that guy is none other than your best husband. Happy anniversary!funny-anniversary-cards-with-love-messages

There is no better person in this world than you. Thank you for making my lifestyle full of like and joy!

Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring after wearing these two rings we invest the remaining years enjoying the suffering. Happy suffering darling! I mean happy wedding anniversary wishes!

On this date, we were married! Each year feels new with you! You create everything shining and lively! Happy Anniversary

funny-wedding-anniversary-wishes-pictureLatest calendars mark the lovely simplicity of our lives by reminding us that every day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event. Happy anniversary!

Greatest wishes on our anniversary! When I search at you, I see a best friend and lover! You are a rare jewel!

You deserve all the greatest in lifestyle and I plan to give it to you. Happy anniversary husband…


When I saw you, I fell in line with you and then we got married. Well, all I can say is that I have usually made wrong choices. Poor me! Happy anniversary!

In our relationship we have romantic love that lasts. It is worth observing! Happy Anniversary

There is no man on this earth who is as best for me as you are. Happy anniversary wishes


We battle and you win. My life is only like a useless tin. Our arguments are just like a pointless pin. Well, I Must says marrying you was a big sin. Happy anniversary

Wishing my husband, happy wedding Anniversary wishes! You carry nobility and courage with you! I am blessed to share my lifestyle with someone who loves me unconditionally, and inspires me, every day!

Thank you for making me feels like the most beautiful lady in the world. Happy anniversary beloved! You are the greatest joy of my lifestyle.


By all means in your relationship if you get a great wife you’ll be happy. When you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. Yet why am I a happy philosopher? Happy anniversary sweethearts!

During our wedding event I told you that my heart beat for you, and after all of these years, that has not changed. It is no different from the day I spoke those terms and it will never be. I exist to love you! Happy Anniversary to the person who has given my lifestyle the most purpose!

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People are usually asking couples whose relationship has endured at least a quarter of a century for their did for success. It is no secret at all. I am a forgiving female. Happy anniversary to my lucky husband!


The arrival of our anniversary reminds me of the 1st time that we met. Your beauty struck me in a way that no other woman’s had! As we party our special day, know that my view of you has not changed!

I could never ask for a better more devoted boyfriend than you. Happy anniversary wishes

To keep your relationship brimming, with love in the loving cup, whenever you’re wrong admit it, whenever you are correct shut up.marriage-day-images-for-husband

From the moment I 1st saw you, I was aware that you would become my darling. I have questioned a lot of things, but I have never had to question the way that I feel about you! Happy Anniversary to the onanniversary-shayari-in-english-language