100+ Lovely Anniversary Messages, Wishes for Wife


Anniversary is an extreme celebration in a year for husband and wife as well. At the time when they became married while they promise with each other to stay together forever. Love for a beautiful wife is amazing that is extremely warm and sensitive. Wife is the most important role in husband life. She is your lover and people along with whom you are available to utilized and even live relax of the instant of your life.

wedding anniversary message for wife

Send balmy anniversary wishes to your wife one is a speck hard challenge for any man. Being a husband, you can never overlook this special day of your wedding. Husbands can utilize to mark this date on the calendar and keenly wait for this date to arrive.


Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife:

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes to beloved Wife: Occasionally, it turns into hard to create your emotions to your lovely wife. To create it easier, we cool, calm and collected a bunch of lovely and romantic wedding anniversary feeling and anniversary verses to send with her and even create your marriage day very special for you and your romantic wife as well. You can share few of these lovely anniversary notes, lines, and anniversary words to your loving wives on your anniversary day.

Here we have a best collection of marriage anniversary wishes to wife. Happy anniversary wishes for wife will certainly create her love you extra. Let’s have a look:


  1. I will spend an eternity loving u, caring for you, respecting you, and showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars.


  1. I want to spend my lifetime loving u. I want to spend my life making u happy. I want to be with u forever.


  1. U r the one who makes me whole. Warmest Anniversary Luv!


  1. Lyf cannot get any better. I tend to overuse this phrase bcz my life keeps getting better wid every passing day n the reason for that is U. Happy anniversary.


  1. U r the best woman I have ever known, nd when u came as my wife, my sorrows were automatically blown!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

happy wedding anniversary message for wife

  1. My dear wife, u are so beautiful, romantic, luving, kind and caring. Wrds r not enough to express hw mch u mean to me. I thnk u for one more luvly year of marriage.


  1. Luving u dearly makes me a man. Bearing a responsibility for u and our kids makes me a good husband and father. For me, these will always be my main goal in lyf. I wish this family will last forever!


  1. Through gud times and bad, through sickness and health, u r my number one, my wealth and my luv.


  1. Many people give their wives gift on this beautiful day. Bt I’ve kept it really simple and given my whole lyf to u my dear. Happy anniversary.


  1. I am so madly, deeply, crazily in luv with u my bride. Thank u for inspiring me every day. Happy wedding anniversary to my wife!


  1. Thank u for putting up with all my faults and celebrating all my gud qualities. Happy Anniversary!


  1. To the woman, I married with luv in my heart. I’m never alone, even when we’re apart. May our marriage last forever!


  1. Today is a perfect day to let you know that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and you have all the good qualities one could look for in a wonderful marriage partner. Congratulations and happy wedding anniversary!


  1. It has been an honor to be ur husband for all these years. I am so glad we get to celebrate the start of a new year together.


  1. We may not be newlyweds anymore but we’re doing a great job by fooling the rest of them. Happy Anniversary!


  1. A Beautiful rose for a Beautiful woman who is my Beautiful wife and has given me a Beautiful lyf. Happy anniversary.


  1. God must have been looking out 4 me bcz he gave me the most beautiful angel as wife. Very happy anniversary my dear, I luv u so much.


  1. You r everything I hoped for, u r more than I could ever imagine, u are my dream cum true. I luv u with all my heart.


  1. My lyf, my luv, my heart, my soul want to see you every morning in front of my eyes.


  1. U r the song to my heart. U r the woman that I wanted frm the start. I will gve my life for u, till death do we part.


  1. For the woman who stuck with me through ups and downs, the woman who made me happy and complete, the woman who showed that she cares, HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!


  1. 2 day is as special in my life as I hope it is in urs. Thank you for taking good care of me, I appreciate all your love, kindness, nd support.


  1. Ur luv means the world to me. Happy Anniversary to the luv of my life.


  1. Having u in my lyf has made me a better person! Happy anniversary!


  1. Time has stopped ever since the day we got married. I’m stuck in a warp of sunny hues, smiles and everlasting luv. Happy anniversary.


  1. U came in my life as lady luck!! Thanks for luving me so mch!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


  1. I am so happy to call you my wife, I love you darling! You make my life complete.


  1. Congratulations! Cheers to our another year of suffering and misery.


  1. My eyes behold only your picture, Bcz it is of high value and stature!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


  1. I luv u! Isn’t that enough for a woman like u? You are my only luv, my whole life, my sweet wife and I cherish every day I get to spend with u.


  1. This anniversary is yet another reminder of the beautiful luv that v share. It’s a beautiful moment which is a part of our luv’s destiny. Happy anniversary.


  1. My dear wife, u are the seat belt in the roller coaster of my lyf which was and is available in every turn and in every ups and downs of my life, protects me. U are very special to me. Happy anniversary.


  1. My heart, I am so lucky to have you, you brighten up my day and complete my life. Nothing could be compared with the true love you have given me. Happy anniversary honey!


  1. May you live long, May this celebrations comes every year with more happiness. Very happy anniversary dear.


  1. Baby, in my eyes you are everything that a woman could ever hope and dream of. U has decorated my life with your love and being your husband over the years is the richest gift that God has given me. Happy Anniversary darling, I love u so much.

wedding anniversary wishes for wife

  1. The best thing about having forever is u. We are timeless. Together, we will always have stability, friendship, laughter nd joy. I luv u…


  1. In my life I can never feel alone when troubles hit me hard like stones because I have you. Thanks for being my wife!! Happy wedding anniversary!!


  1. Like a lock without its key, life would be useless if u weren’t with me. Happy anniversary.


  1. 1 year of goodness is now behind us. U has given me a good time this one year that we have been married my love, and may our days ahead be filled with more goodness. Happy Anniversary my lovely wife.

Lovely Anniversary Message for Wife:

Each marriage anniversary is an enormous opportunity to feel thankful for love, support and total cares that your wife has provided to you. It is a special occasion to celebrate to relish the romantic relationship between wife and husband.

Right here few wedding anniversary messages for wife with the fantastic anniversary greetings messages that you can share by utilized the text message or just compose it into cards. Nobody can even understand the bond and love that you couple send with each other. You can think lucky for having such a loving and caring wife. It is a day in your life on that you should present your eternal care and romantic love to your beloved wife. You should wish to your wife by choosing the best wishes collection from anniversary messages to wife which are as under:

I can’t imagine living a life without u. I’d probably be doing the dishes, laundry, and cook by myself. Thnx!

wedding anniversary messages for wife

Happiness is all what we want, love is all what v can give lyf is happy but only when you are with me don’t want to lose u ever wish you a very happy 10th marriage anniversary.


As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change … I will always keep falling in love with you.


I am one of the few lucky men in this world who can say that their best friend, grlfrnd nd wife are the same woman. Happy first anniversary.


The day we took our wedding vows was the beginning of our journey to a wonderland. Hold my hand always my dear, promise me not to let go. Happy wedding anniversary.


“Many years have passed

Bt our luv will never grow old

I’ll always cherish u in my heart

Thanks 4 sharing a wonderful luv with me

Happy 1st wedding Anniversary to you!

I did not think that it was possible, but you’re even more luvly nd beautiful to me now than on our wedding day.


A beautiful rose for a beautiful woman who has given me a beautiful life. Happy anniversary


My wife, thanx for sharing your tremendous luv with me, you’re my entire world. Glad anniversary sweetheart!


My heart is filled with so mch happiness that I can feel no other emotions today. The only thing on my mind is the celebration of our luv, and the happiness we share. Happy anniversary!


Wow, time sure does fly, it feels like only yesterday we were standing at the alter but I luv u more today than I did on that magical day.


God must have been looking out for me bcz He gave me the most beautiful angel as a wife. Very happy anniversary my dear, I luv you so much.


Many years have gone by since we got married. Yet, the bond we share has only gotten stronger. I can’t imagine my lyf without u. Happy marriage day!


Thank u for giving me the chance to be ur life partner. I will forever remain faithful to you till death do us part. I love you.


Time stood still for me for a moment on the day that you said I Do to me. Through the years, whenever this day cums once again time stands still for me because you are still saying I Do. Happy Anniversary.


The best thing that ever happened to me is you. Happy anniversary my sweet dear wife!


I will luv u even when we are old and wrinkly. Happy anniversary!


Marriage isn’t only about all the gud times, I know that the luv we have for each other is real bcz we have been through the good and the bad and we’re still together.


It doesn’t matter how many hardships I have been through. As long as you are by my side, I can manage it. U complete me, darling, I luv u so much.


“Many years have passed

Bt our luv will never grow old

I’ll always cherish u in my heart

Thanks 4 sharing a wonderful luv with me

Happy 1st wedding Anniversary to you!”


Without u, there would be no family. U r the glue that holds us together. You are the luv that keeps us strong. Happy anniversary, and may we have a hundred more to cum.


On our anniversary today, promise me that you will stop arguing with me, you will stop being jealous, you will not be a possessive partner. Happy anniversary, honey.


The lyf we have now is the one I have always wished for. Taking u as my wife is my biggest, most important decision I have ever made in my lyf that brings me no regrets.


It doesn’t matter whether it is our first, fifth, tenth or fifteenth marriage anniversary. What matters is that I will always luv u and u will always luv me. Happy anniversary darling.


Of all the blessings I have been showered in this life, you are the greatest and most precious today and for all time. Happy Anniversary to my forever luv.


Smile, Sing, laugh, dance, wish, luv, hope dream on your anniversary, do everything that makes u happy!


U know you’re in a real relationship when making sacrifices for someone else makes you happy from within. I luv u, happy anniversary.


U are the answer to my life’s questions, you are the destination of my life’s journey. U are the solution to my life’s problems. Happy Anniversary!


U are just too gud to me. I luv u now more than ever. Happy 3rd Anniversary.


Together, we are whole. I am fortunate to have found my soul mate and luvr in u. Happy Anniversary, my dear heart!

anniversary quotes for wife from husband

I want to spend my lifetime luving u. I want to spend my lifetime making u happy. I enjoy every minute we’re together. I will happily enjoy a billion more with you forever! happy anniversary my lady luv.


Through the good times and the bad, through rain and sunshine, through all the seasons of life that we have endured, I thank God that I had you to face them with me. Happy Anniversary my love.


“Nothing can ever beat

The wonders of ur luv

U makes my day so bright

Knowing you are mine makes me feel so alive

Happy Anniversary, my dear wife.”


All these are the best happy anniversary messages to my lovely wife. You can share of these messages as the first wedding anniversary wishes to romantic wife. These are the perfect wishes for your anniversary you can look here. These anniversary sayings state your love to your life partner. They can use as your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th or 25th wedding anniversary wishes to the beautiful wife. If you are only engaged, then you can share some of them to your partner as an engagement wish as well.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife:

Right here, show you an enormous collection of romantic and cute anniversary quotes for wife that you can use to say your warmest and deepest love for your lovely wife. We can compose these romantic marriage anniversary quotes into the various categories to ideal furnish in accordance to your needs. Ensure to send these heartfelt anniversary thoughts to your lovely wife on a special day.

I am Sending the best anniversary message to my wife. I hope you will feel my love for you. You are the best gift that I could wish for.


U and the luv you display me are the motives I experience so alive nowadays, thank you for inspiring me together with ur persistence and devotion. Glad anniversary!


And tonight nothing makes sense, except the way you look at me and the way your eyes make me feel.


Happy anniversary to the woman of my lyf! Every moment that we have been through during our married life, whether they are annoying ones or beautiful ones, I will always cherish them becz I luv you.


Thnks for being my partner in every phase of life, whether it may be joy, sorrow, emotions, fights, or craziness everything. Thnks for being what you are. Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to My Wife

The day we took our wedding vows was the beginning of our journey to a wonderland. Hold my hand always my dear, promise me not to let go. Happy wedding anniversary.


My lyf belongs to my wife, I can’t stop loving u my sweetheart. You are my greatest treasure, my greatest love, my everything. Wishing u a very happy anniversary my sweetheart.


Luv u unconditionally and I’m sure you do, too. So I hope it will be fine if I don’t buy u a gift for today and just wish you a happy anniversary.


All the words in the wrld could not even begin to describe how deeply I am in luv with u, from the first moment I saw you until the never-ending heartbeat you have given me. U r not only my luv bt you are my soul.


Waking up next to my beloved wife for an entire year was probably the best wedding gift I received. Just the sight of ur smile every morning lightens up my day. Happy anniversary!


Dear wife it’s our anniversary day and I just want to thank you for coming my way. I luv u so much.


It doesn’t matter what number it is of our marriage anniversary, all that matters is the love and dedication which helped us to bring our relationship this way. I luv u darling! Happy wedding anniversary to us!


“If I met you on tomorrow

I would still give you my heart

If you say, do u still luv me?

I would say, till death do us part

Happy anniversary wife!”


Dear, u r the only one who made my dreams come true. U are an amazing life partner. Happy anniversary.


For me, the glass is always half full and for you, it is always half empty. But this exactly what makes us perfectly complementary. Happy anniversary.

anniversary message for wife facebook

The only way to my heart is through chocolates, flowers, and gifts. So keep your wishes to yourself and shower me with what I really want today.


“Best wishes and happy anniversary to the one behind my success, happiness, and all my smiles. U r the reason our marriage has lasted many a mile. Happy anniversary to my wife.”


My wife, the way you hug me, the manner you preserve my hand, all my worries live away from me due to the fact they know I have u. Happy anniversary!


Honey! I remember every single vow we had taken together on our wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!


The only things trending forever in our lives are #happiness, #luv, and #romance. Happy anniversary dear wife!


The happiest day in my lyf was the day when you became my wife, I sense so fortunate every day of my lyf having u as my luvr. Happy anniversary my heart!


Here’s to all the places we went nd all the places we’ll go. And here’s to me, whispering again and again and again and again: I luv u.


If in my lyf I have a chance to live some moments of my life again than surely it will the moments of our marriage and our first meeting beside the hill side. Happy anniversary dear.


U r everything I hoped for, u are more than I could ever imagine, u are my dream came true. I luv you with all my heart.


That special day is here again. The day we took our vows. U are special to me even today. Happy Anniversary!


After so many years of ur partnership in my lyf, I can say that u are the best wife in the world. I want to hug u, kiss you. Keep smiling my luv! Wish u a very Happy Anniversary Dear!


Darling, I had a tear in my eye when I first saw you on our wedding. Like most men, I was wondering..Will she let me watch football? Happy Anniversary, Baby!


This day is a reminder of the best decision of my lyf – to propose to and get married to the world’s most beautiful woman. Happy anniversary


“Many years have gone and more to go

Some days are happy, some are low

In all times, stay by my side

I can’t live without you, today I confide.

Happy Anniversary Wife”

The day when u became my wife was the happiest in my lyf. I luv u, sweetheart! Happy Anniversary!

These are best anniversary wishes quotes you can share on your wedding day. In each place and situation, A wife is a person who will stand there along with you, thus it is your responsibility to best her with world’s best wishes and joy. Hope that these romantic anniversary quotes for your beloved wife could assist you to feelings your emotions for your life partner. Let her realize by these best anniversary wishes quotes that how extremely you love her and where she stands in your life. Feel free to talk your heart by sending these beautiful quotes. So, go and even say Happy Anniversary Wishes to My Wife!