Romantic Good Night Love Messages For My Girlfriend


The best way to express goodnight and sleep well for the beloved is sending a few lovely, sweet and romantic Good Night Love Messages for your girlfriend with images that will melt their brain in the blink of an eye. 

A beautiful good night message provides a smile in its appearance of your beloved and allowing them to know that these are the most special someone in your life for-what you would like to realize them ahead of close your eyes each and every night. Here are some exclusive and sweet good night love messages to my girlfriend to delightful your special one a lovely dream-full night.

Sweet Good Night Love Messages – Good Night Sleep Well Wishes

Beautiful Good Night Text Messages for Her

Welcome your special someone with these Beautiful Romantic Good Night Messages prior to he/she hits the Bedroom. Romantic goodnight love Messages can make his/her day total and hit their foundation with satisfied smile. You can send these goodnight text messages as SMS, email. You can even post these types of messages for good night because facebook status for your beloved. Here is a best collection of good night love messages for her from the heart.

Relax well because my love would be the wings to cover you and my hugs and kisses would be the warmth to give you pleasure. Good Night.

This kind of message has got the pursuing attachments – the nicest coziest and kiss embrace, the cutest warmest and hug snuggle. Great Good Night.

At this time – like every other day but no one knows my world has halted the sun rose and set. Its move only if we meet again tomorrow. Good night my love!

Wishing that the moon will be bright and full tonight giving you dream just so right get ready to bed and switch off your light let me tuck you in and wish you Good night Sweetie.

Finally the night time comes which is plenty of time when I am lying on the bed and missing you and just praying for your nice dreams. Say to Good Night.


Once the whole night time air-flow produces my hair, We imagine they’re your smooches I possibly could stand missing you everywhere near this much. Nice dreams baby!

You are the light of my world, the music in my heart and the first and last thought of my day. Have a Good Night, My Dear.

It’s night time again, time to take your rest again and it’s that time again to remind you, I’ll love you again and again and again, sweet dreams!

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Close your eyes and make a wish sending you my warm hug and kiss may you sleep tight tonight I wish you a sweet good night.

Taking into consideration you is the tipping point where my nightmares eliminate and sweet dreams start. I love you.

Nobody’s right till somebody’s erroneous. Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong. Nobody’s lucky right up until love comes along. Nobody’s unhappy till somebody’s gone. I enjoy and miss you right now!

Before you go to bed In search of you to know that anywhere out there someone is thinking about you. Someone who adores and misses you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Special Good Night Messages for Lovers

With this section, you will certainly explore the stunning Romantic Good night messages. It is possible to send these types of text messages over Internet or phone to your sweet heart to wish her lovely dreams and rest. The night is a extremely special occasion when folk dream about the future. Those can help to make the night more fantastic and romantic than a message from a loved one? Cute quotes and simply texts below will assist you to emphasize your emotions for a girlfriend or a wife and to present that you think of her prior to going to sleep.

Really don’t value nightmares because considering you make my fantasy special. Good Night Lovely Baby!

Most people could be the reasons why we have nights without sleep. You could be the reason I actually tend tight to transport my pillow. Therefore you could be the reason I can’t slumber without saying goodnight.

Have you any idea how wonderful it feels to visit foundation every day and know that you will be mine and I am your own? – Have a restful night, my love.

Often I need the complete night to be for a long time to keep you a lot longer inside my own dreams, sometimes I’d prefer the whole night to be short to wake up and go working to your part, meaning I am excited about you my princess really.


The moon is upset at me and envious of you because we said that no one can light my nights up like my girlfriend. Good night.

With this brief moment, there are over a billion people sleeping or waking up to start their day just. It’s amazing that the only individual who in my opinion about at night is you. I’m hoping you think about love and pleasure.

Even while you close your eyes in slumber love my for you remains true and deep it’s you I enjoy and forever will continue basically to say special dreams before each of us fall asleep!

We have never been feeling so unhappy similar to this, all I really could think about is providing you with a kiss. Such is the blissful eventuality of our love on me, that I actually dearly do is pass up you. Sweet good night.

When I go to sleep hugging my pillow it is imagined by us is that you simply. I will include the privilege of sleeping next for you sometime, for the moment I will recognize imaging about who you are nightly. I love you so much.

If you will knock at the door of sleep then Mr. Desire will open the door and will found me there to hug you. Great Night!

Shhh!!! Do you listen to that? It really is my center crying out to yours, dreaming that I possibly could rest next for you today. Good night Baby!

Romantic Good Night Text Messages for Her to Smile

If you are way aside for a short time or if you want to wish your lovely girl a good night of sleep, you can send her a message that presents your love for her. Nights can be lengthy and alone, but it is excellent to look loved and consider that the last person she has talked to for the day is her real love.

Each day you give me more reasons to fall deeply in love with you – I’m considering ways to help you fall increasingly more deeply in love with me personally as I get to sleep, thinking of you…

Night is quiet; night is beautiful; night is calm; night time is relaxing … But any night time is not complete without wishing you good night. Sweet dreams!

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A good line to maintain in touch just, cause you are on my brain so quite definitely & though even, I’ve practically nothing to say…I’ll know…I considered you today…Good night!

As the mind place on the cushioning remember our love weighs in at a lot not a kilo, as I lay you to sleep on the pillow I’ll become your friend plus your main character always, today and tomorrow love you!


My day has been concerned, it’s also been nonstop and I never surely got to see you. It turned out hard even so the theorized going off to sleep without proclaiming goodnight for you was unbearable. Goodnight, sleep tight, I can’t wait until the next time I see you.

Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today. And I would never let it move without helping you discover – I’m thinking of you. Have a good night.

Beautiful dreams, famous actors, the moon, flowers, and sunsets have nothing you woman. Is made the world a brighter place when you’re hitting the hay even.

In the present day has been a non-stop, hectic, insanely day and I wish I had formed developed gotten time for you to see you… so I’m considering you before I get to sleep. Goodnight, sleep qualified!

The night is way too long, that you should be away. I desperately wait, for this to show into day. My personal heart will rot away, if things keep going on like this. All I want to do is give you a kiss. Good night.

I may not view you as I like often, I may not reach hold you all through the full night. Yet deep within my own heart everywhere near this much I realize, you’re usually the one to me and I’ll never allow you to go. Good Night my sweet!

Looking at the dark skies of the night lit up by the sexy glitter of the stars and the romantic glow of the moon, makes me think of just one thing – wish you were here with me. I love you, good night.

I’m lying during intercourse considering you. I thought that my life was going to be planned out; you know, simple and boring. When I met you, my heart skipped a wipe out, and we’ve been on the roller-coaster since.

Beautiful Good Night Messages to my Sweet Heart

Thus brightly tonight maybe you have any idea why the moon is shimmering? As it is wanting to be as radiant while you are wonderfully. Good night.

I enjoy all the famous actors in the sky; nevertheless they are nothing at all established alongside the ones in your attention! Thus I’ll think about you as soon as I put in for the night. Good Night!

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May you have the sweetest dream tonight may you sleep oh so tight as here’s wishing you a sweet and good night!

Everyday I enjoy you more than Used to do so the complete day before. I actually can’t image how I can possibly love you more than I absolutely do but somehow every day I manage it. To get tomorrow to love you more again i can’t procrastinate.


I would like to be the cool night breeze which gives you Goosebumps as you sleep. Good night lady.

Another day is over. It’s nice to find out that there’s a person who makes my day satisfied and fun many thanks for the motivation. I am sending my warm hugs and kisses as I wish my sweetest goodnight for you.

Every single day have a dream inside your heart and soul, By no means overlook it coz dreams would be the tiny seeds, that an attractive down the road grows have an excellent desire tonight. Good night.

I am taking a look at the stunning phase of the moon and considering that full night once i offered you the first kiss, it was among the finest times of playing since it meant the start of our sweet love story, have a good night my girlfriend.

The day is over, and it’s time to look forward for another day. Dismiss all the frustrations you prize and attained all the gorgeous situations. Rarely dismiss to research and pray to God. Tomorrow will be a new and better day. Goodnight, sweetheart!

Sending a pillow of happy thoughts to produce wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep you blessed in life and a prayer to protect you always. Good night!

I wish to finish line this day in saying I love You and letting you know that I think of you sending you the brightest stars tonight cause you to rest so sound and qualified lovely dreams and good night!